Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lost drafts

So I just got back on to my blog and found all of these drafts that I started a year or more ago but never had time to finish or put the pictures on so I just put them up as they were, because I can't remember what I was going to do. Life just gets busy and I don't think about posting in the two minutes I have to sit down. Maybe with kids in school it will get easier. I can only wish!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Conner's Connection

Conner does not talk words he just has his own language which really stuck out to me today. At the grocery store a ways away I hear this little girl yelling baby baby and she is pointing to Conner and he is just talking up a story to her while she is yelling at her mom like take me to this baby, because she was pushing her away. As we round a corner there is a 5-6 month old and he starts talking and this baby just goes crazy and then another baby and him start their own language conversation as I go to put things in the basket. Seeing these little ones communicate in their own way make me wonder if they still remember each other and how thin the veil is for them

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lost Tooth

Talmage lost a tooth at school and forgot to bring it home for a while. When he finally remembered to, he lost the tooth out of the envelope. When I went to tuck him in for the night he started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he explained me that he had lost his tooth, but he couldn't find enough money to repay the tooth fairy for the lost tooth. I didn't quite understand until he showed me the envelope. He had gathered all the money that he could find and put it in the envelope and wrote her a note. He was really upset that the tooth fairy would be mad at him for the lost tooth because he didn't have a dollar to repay her. It just melted my heart to see him worry in such a grown up manner.

Dance Recital

Our pep talks worked this time, no fighting on the stage, yea!!! Adalee did really well with all of her dances and she didn't throw pom poms or push any kids down so it is a major improvement from the last reciatal. She is definintly a little star and loves the attention. She actually knew the dances and she sang along with all the songs, it was so cute.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bath Time Obsession

Conner is extremely obsessed with having a bath or a shower. Last Sunday he was in the bath tub having a bath and he got upset when Tim got in the shower and wouldn't let him have a shower with him too. Then yesterday he had a bath, after bathing himself in his dinner, and was dressed and ready for bed so Adalee got in for her turn and I went to find a towel. Silly mom forgot to shut the door all the way and I could hear Adalee laughing with Bubs I come in and he is in the bath again with his jammies on totally soaked! So much for that lotion job! So we got to do it all over again. It is cute now because I know that there will be a day that he will hate having to get clean.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Trees

We finally got our act together and got up the Christmas trees, the kids were so excited that they were driving us crazy. They kept trying to put it together before it was ready.
Talmage was trying to help spread out the branches, but he was too impatient and just wanted to stack the tree.Buba was fascinated by this new tree that was in the living room now. He kept walking around it with his hand out like he was giving each of the branches a high five.When we got downstairs, Adalee and Conner were more interested in playing with the boxes than helping with the trees. We didn't have time to decorate them that nigh, but every 2 minutes they still had to ask and see if that was the case.

Wonderful Parents

We have been blessed with such great parents. They are always willing to help out and take our kid when we ask. Sometimes even going the extra mile and being a taxi service too! Thanks again for all you guys do, and it means so much to us!